As I think back on the four years I spent at the Nippon Dental University, School of Life Dentistry at Niigata, my mind is filled with memories, appreciation, happiness, and proudness. I learned and gained a lot of knowledge, life perspective and wonderful things at NDU, Niigata, Japan. No matter what I express today, nothing will sum up even a fraction of how much I owe this institution. The institution has taught me to think, to dream, to pursue my dreams, to succeed in my career, and to fulfill my academic life. I, Raweewan ARAYASANTIPARB, a foreign student in PhD program, graduated in 2009.

Flash back to my first year as a PhD student in 2005, I took my first steps onto the big campus of NDU. People, culture, environment, education system, etc. were new for me. Whatever the rush of emotions that came over me may have been, it was just the beginning. I was excited, exhilarated, and felt nervous. After my life has begun here, I felt that everyone was so kind and warm to me.

I had a good memory of learning various imaging modalities at the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. My office was on the first floor of hospital - the place for doing all activities day after day. There was a short meeting on every morning for informing the cases of each day to all members in this room. Seminar, case discussion, and research were also done here. All members here have given me knowledge, skill, advice, and the way of thinking as well.

I had also good memory on the fourth year PhD thesis presentation in Japanese language at I.V. hall, NDU. I always feel that it was just like yesterday. My professor taught, trained, and encouraged me that " I could do it". Certainly, on the presentation day, I was excited. It seemed my professor was excited too. He said nothing, just sat behind me, kept watching me, and gave me a confidence by his eyes. And finally, I received the first prize of the fourth year PhD student presentation. I felt much gratitude toward my professor and all lecturers of the department. I could not reach to this position without them.

After receiving an honorary degree, I returned to Thailand in 2009. Going from graduation to coming back to my home country for working was a big transition. I came to the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University with a tremendous thirst for working by using my skills, capabilities and education at the NDU. Now I enjoy at stage of my careers both community service work in addition to academic work - to teach, to pass on my skills to others. The reality, in this modern, fast-paced, globalised world, is that, learning is never over, but continuous and lifelong process. I do believe that education made me, as a person and a professional member of the community. I think that I have the potential, the power and the education to do even greater things in the future. I will do my best and sincere efforts in my career.

For four years at NDU, not with a memory, but with some advice from people here, it becomes clear that time has gone by far too quickly. A spring cherry tree, the fireworks of summer, the autumnal leaves of autumn, snow of winter, warm welcome of people, wonderful life at university, my four years passed pleasantly. I was really fortunate. I would first like to thank all members in the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, especially Professor Makoto TSUCHIMOCHI and Assistant professor Michio TOYAMA who always taught and gave me some advice. I would like to thank all those people who have stood by me, and helped me get here today. I would also like to thank all university staffs helping me and serving as my instructors, mentors, and friends. Finally I would like to thank all the wonderful things I have learned. Indeed, I appreciate the mercies all people at NDU have all shown me over the years. I am so proud that I once was a NDU student which gave me a great experience in my life. Spending time for studying at NDU leave me enduring memories.

私はタイのバンコク出身で、マヒドン大学歯学部を卒業し、同大学の大学院生として歯科放射線学のpostgraduate certificate(diploma)を修了し、2005年10月、日本歯科大学新潟生命歯学研究科放射線定量診断学の大学院に入学しました。大学院生として研究及び臨床について、多くのことを学びました。私の研究テーマはMRIを用いた顎関節の定量的検討で、平成19年に大宮で開催された第48回日本歯科放射線学会,そして平成21年日本歯科放射線学会臨床画像大会において、その内容を発表しました。私は日本で、歯科放射線分野の知識だけではなく、日本の生活習慣、日本文化、日本人の考え方など、多くを学びました。いろいろな人と出会い、新しいものを見聞きし、多くの知識や経験が得られる滞在になりました。

(新潟生命歯学部歯学研究科 放射線定量診療学専攻 タイ出身)