Wiroj Suphasiriroj

ウイロウ スバシリロウ

Wiroj Suphasiriroj

I am so proud to be a part of the NDU family.

It was ten years ago that I first visited Nippon Dental University. At the time, I was a fifth year dental student at Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. I was quite impressed and all the instructors as well as students provided me with a warm welcome both in terms of education and culture. It was a very memorable time that I have cherished from then on.

Presently, I matriculated in the postdoctoral program 2010, the Ph.D. Program in Periodontics in less than half a year. I believe that I am a part of NDU, at Niigata, having learned Japanese from additional classes and from friends from other departments. Everyone is friendly and I feel very warm just like a home away from home. Living in Niigata is something completely different from Bangkok, the metropolitan center of Thailand. I enjoy the peaceful environment, the nature of the countryside neighbors, the friendliness of the people and the soothing atmosphere from the residents of this town. Life becomes very joyful and I learned to appreciate life much more than before. The festive time at Niigata is quite unique to be surrounded by families of the people who enjoy a simple life. I went to see the blossoming tulip in May, and spectacular fire work displays in August, all of which I sent photo to my family in Thailand. Food here is very unique as well. I have heard that the rice from Niigata is the best in Japan and once I tried it, I certainly agreed in the appetizing taste of nature. Seafood also is a crucial diet here, fresh from the ocean.

In academics, NDU is one of the top leading institutions, well renowned for oral health care education and serving as an oral health care provider. I had visited many schools prior to applying to the Ph.D. Program in the field of Periodontics. The reason, I choose to apply to the NDU family is because of the well-equipped research facilities, the strength and areas of expertise of instructors, international acceptance by the world community, the well-organized Journal of Odontology, and the environment of the institution. Therefore, I was so glad to be a part of the NDU family and was quite certain that I will be a completely skilled and well-organized reseacher that can represent the close relationship of Japan and Thailand. That is why I am so proud to become a part of the NDU Family.

Wiroj Suphasiriroj
PhD student (department of periodontology)





ウイロウ スバシリロウ
(歯周病学講座 大学院)