Jie-Fei Shen

Jie-Fei Shen

Jie-Fei Shen

Jie-Fei Shen, DDS & PhD
Visiting Scholar
Department of Dental Material
Department of Periodontology
The School of Life Dentistry at Niigata
Nippon Dental University

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry
The State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases
West China College of Stomatology
Sichuan University

Many people have already asked me the same question, how do you like Niigata and NDU here? The answer always came from the bottom of my heart without any hesitation that I've enjoyed every minute here.

But a half year ago, it was quite a different feeling when I boarded the flight from Shanghai to Niigata. Staring at the Japan Sea at a height of 30,000 feet above, I was totally occupied by a terrible sense of uncertainty and emptiness. Will my research go well in NDU there? Can I get used to the life in Niigata? What am I going to do with my Japanese language level which is far below zero? ... Bizarre thoughts kept punching me one after another. I even pictured myself as Mr. Bob Harris in the 2003 Oscar-winning film "Lost in Translation", a character spoke less Japanese than me and had a weird time in Tokyo.

However, such worry vanished without any trace after I saw the warm smile from Prof. Sato, Dr. Okuma, and Mr. Ishida at the airport. With the kind and generous help from them along with Mr. Nakahara, Prof. Ogura and many other distinguished persons, I only feel comfort and pleasure here just like home. For the past 6 months, I agree more and more with that NDU at Niigata is a blessed and beloved place.

NDU at Niigata is blessed by her unique place. Located at the coast side of Niigata, the campus isolates a small land of peace and serenity away from the city noise and rush. The warm and humid wind from the sea, the ivy leaves and branches all over the walls, the singing and chasing birds... no better looking and surroundings you can ask for a school.

NDU at Niigata is also blessed by her enriched history. Like NDU, my college in China celebrated her 100-year anniversary of establishment several years ago. So I can fully appreciate what a long and colorful history means to a University. It means glory that everyone here can wear as a badge of honor; It means tradition that passes from generation to generation; It means prospective future that is promised by a deep root.

Most importantly, NDU at Niigata is blessed by its people. The people with enthusiasm for pure science and technology, the people with persistence for the slightest detail, the people with cooperation and assistance for each other... every passionate and diligent people here have touched, motivated and inspired me. I can't forget the same troubled face when I encountered with some difficulties; I can't forget the hand extended to me when I seek for help; I can't forget the pat on my back when we witness the exciting results together. Language barrier or culture shock has never become a problem between us, which let me have no trouble in focusing on my research and experiments.

Of course, there are many other attractions that I can't resist their temptations here. The various delicious food and drink, the cultural resorts and natural beauties always remind me how wonderful a place Niigata can be. If anyone asked me what the best minute is so far? I would recall a sun shining spring afternoon, when I walked along the Shinano River and saw the magnificent sakura rain blown by the wind. At that time, what a wise man said came to my mind: life is not measured by the breath we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Then I said to myself, Yes, every moment here at Niigata will definitely become an unforgettable piece of my life.


しかし、半年前には、かなり違う感じで私は上海から新潟への飛行機に乗り込みました。30000フィート以上の高さから日本海を見つめると、完全に不安や虚無感からくる恐怖感によって占拠されました。私の研究は日本歯科大学でうまく行くだろうか?新潟での生活に慣れるだろうか?ゼロをはるかに下回る私の日本語の能力で通用するだろうか?奇妙な考えが私を相次いで殴り続けました。ボブ・ハリスが2003年アカデミー賞を受賞した映画"Lost in Translation"の主人公と自分自身を重ね合わせました。