Kallapat Tansriratanawong

Kallapat Tansriratanawong

Kallapat Tansriratanawong

When I was an undergraduated dentist student, I realized that I should be treat the patient as myself. I tried to practice and receive the techniques from my teachers. One of the subjects, which can complete my feeling was Periodontics. This subject was not only treat the disease of patient but also treat the holistic of the patient. I really love Periodontics so much. Until the sixth year, I had to decide my future. Fortunately, the department of Periodontics required new staff and my teacher asked me for attending. She did not know, these made me too much trouble and confusion. I thought about it again and again, which ways could I choose. Finally, I went to her room again and asked her that I should be the teacher or not. I did not know before how can I be the good teacher. She told me that if you think of the patients more than yourself, you can be the teacher. Then, I confidently believed that I could be the good dentist who treats the patient with heart and I could passed the knowledge on the new generation. Now, I think I can be the good teacher.

After that, I was accepted in the department of Periodontology at Mahidol University in Thailand. Our department needs the staff who can fulfill the requirements of the university. These were including the staff who graduated from the doctoral program (PhD program). All of the co-workers pushed me for it. I realized that I would be looking for the new way in my life. I thought that if I would like to success I had to tolerate to the troubles. I was so young for adjusting the time line of my life. So, I firstly decided for enrolling in master degree. After working for 1 year, I admitted in the master degree course of Periodontics at Mahidol University. During studying in master degree, I received the skills and many ideas including in the treatment in patients and the laboratory techniques. However, my university had some limitations for the machines and techniques in laboratory. So, I thought that if I found the new university for PhD program. I would find the foreign university, which could be improved these limitations. Finally, I finished the master degrees from the Mahidol University in February 2010 and I have been thinking it would be important to be able to study in the advanced program which is PhD program. I'm looking for the university that will improve my knowledge and skills.

Fortunately, the Nippon Dental University (NDU), which is the good fellowship of the Mahidol University offered me for the opportunity of PhD program. I did not hesitate to decide to study in the NDU because the NDU could fulfill all of my requirements including the new knowledge, skills and technology for laboratory. At this time, I have been studied at the NDU for four months. I received too much amazing experiences. Not only have I learnt a lot of useful but I have also made the really good friends. I would like to say that the opportunity of studying in the NDU is a great moments. Definitely, this University deserves me a lot of knowledge and also the culture and lifestyle of the Japanese people.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the president of NDU,Sen Nakahara and professor Hideo Ogura (the Dean of NDU at Niigata) who gave me the opportunity for studying in NDU at Niigata. I would like to thank you all of sensei, staffs and friends in this university who gave me the knowledge and for taking the time to look out for me especially professor Soh Sato and all of the staffs in periodontology department. I would like to thank you all.

Kallapat Tansriratanawong
PhD student (department of periodontology)





ガラパット タンシイリラタナォン
(歯周病学講座 大学院)