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Chinvipas Netrporn

Chinvipas Netrporn

Who would believe...once in our life time, we had been in a place. That place, we had an impression, good friendship and good memories. When time passed by...4 years later, we would get a change to get back there, the place we cannot forget.

4 years ago, I had come to The Nippon Dental University at Niigata, as an exchange student from Mahidol University for a week. There was only a week but warm welcome, friendly Japanese comrades including accommodation were impressed me and made me want to come back again. That time I could make good companions. We hanged around and visited many places. All things we had done are always in my memory. I would like to thank NDU to give a chance to students of Mahidol University and all of Japanese friends to make my first time in Japan full of fun and happiness. After going back to Thailand, I restarted my Japanese classes. Actually I started the Japanese language when I was 13 years old then stopped in the high school. I was waiting for getting back in Japan again. Finally, my dream came true. I got a letter of acceptance for being a postgraduate student of Orthodontics department in The Nippon Dental University at Niigata.

This time, my second time in Japan, I have come as a postgraduate student. On the way to the university, all buildings, cityscape and even Shinano River are quite familiar. However, my stay will not be only a week, the postgraduate program will be taken for 3-4 years. Being alone in a foreign country and foreign language will not be so easy. Additionally, this is my first time for staying by my own self. I had never stayed away from my family longer than 2 weeks. Luckily, I have my Japanese friends and teachers to encourage and support me. New life is going to be so challenge.

First day of my postgraduate life began with impression. The door of our department was decorated with a hand drawing picture. That picture was me. I was so surprised. In our department there are 11 members. They all are really nice and kind, especially our Professor, Terada Kyouju. He always gives us a good advice and supports us in many ways. Furthermore, he has a Japanese class for foreign postgraduate students. In this year, there are also other foreign students that one is from China and other three are from Thailand, including me. Study within these 4 years does not seem to be so tough or lonely for me.

The Nippon Dental University at Niigata was located near a sea shore. So I always take my free time to go for a run there. The sunset is so beautiful. Some days, in the sunny day, I was standstill and looked at the sunset as if I was bewitched. The summer is coming. The sun dawns so early in the morning around 4 o'clock and sets around 8 o'clock in the evening. Wow, the sun works so hard. It works 16 hours for Japan in the summer. I have never seen before. In Thailand the sun always rises around 6 and sets around 6. The summer is quite hot and humid. Anyway, I prefer summer. In the spring, it was quite cold. But friends said the coldest will be in I going to die of cold? We will see.

Finally, I got a chance to come back to my favorable place and see some same old friends once again. I will try to keep all things and memories that happened or will happen within these next 4 years. It will be one of my best time in my life.